Unstructured Drone Data

While drones have revolutionized how we look at infrastructure, industrial sites, and buildings, they generate large amounts of image data. These images still need to be reviewed manually by experts to extract valuable insights. Until now, there has been no solution for managing, sharing, and analyzing this data efficiently.


Innovative Solution

Twinsity’s innovative digital inspection software TWINSPECT® ensures the efficient and structured processing of all inspection data and is an integral part of every inspection. The cloud solution gives easy access to all stakeholders involved in inspection projects — for valuable insights and making well-informed decisions about actions.

Customer Benefit with added value

Access, share, and analyze with the cloud-based inspection platform. TWINSPECT® supports a target-oriented, high-quality, cost-efficient, and fast inspection. Experts can assess and comment on the asset condition nearly in real-time to identify anomalies early. For the predictive maintenance of our infrastructure and facilities.




Twinsity digital inspection
Digital bridge inspection
Digital inspection quality

Corporate Vision

The NEW software solutions for your inspection business

The improvement of the inspection process of industrial plants and buildings, while upholding Germany’s high standards, is at the heart of our mission. We rely on the integration of intelligence culled from the drone date combined with the creation of a 3D Digital Twin” of a structure. Discover how our innovative platform can unleash the power of drone inspection data.

Product Solution

All Stakeholders benefit from the software platform TWINSPECT®

Anyone who commissions an inspection of schools, public buildings, industrial plants, bridges or any other critical infrastructure wants a solution individually tailored to the requirements of the project. TWINSPECT® offers all stakeholders involved the opportunity to participate using the perfect digital solution

Drone Service Provider
  • Efficient access to inspection data for clients
  • Highest quality of results
  • Unique and innovative services
  • Significant competitive advantages
Engineers & Architects
  • Intelligent documentation tools
  • Accurate inspection reports
  • Photorealistic digital twins
  • Precise insights into building conditions
Infrastructure & Asset Owners
  • Time-efficient and detailed documentation
  • Continuous monitoring of structures
  • Safe operation of the structures
  • Cost savings through efficient reports
  • Inspection reports with detailed analyses
  • Insights into damage trends
  • Possibility of early remedial work
  • Ensuring the operation in the structure

Innovation for you: The TWINSPECT®-Process

The Callenge
The vast amounts of drone inspection data generated cannot be used efficiently.

The Solution
With TWINSPECT® an efficient, intuitive data processing from a drone inspection is now guaranteed.

The Integration
TWINSPECT® becomes an integral part of all the data collected in the digital inspection process.

TWINSPECT®. The movie. Insights that are worthwhile.

Creating Trust with Satisfied Partners

Twinsity’s strength rests in the fact that we supply TWINSPECT® to all partners involved in the inspection process. Innovation drives our daily goal: to help shape the future of the digital inspection of plants and structures. Together with our partners and customers we help overcome the challenges related to inspections and quality assurance

To unleash the power of drone inspection data, we work closely with our partners to develop better solutions and services for a better future of inspection. Reliability and quality create satisfied customers.

Satisfied Partners

Our customers appreciate us because of the great results

“Twinspect from Twinsity proved to be the best platform for digital inspections – as it’s able to visualize full-resolution digital twins in an interactive 3D environment, with the ability to inspect and measure issues like small deformations on the concrete, directly within the 3D model and the high-resolution inspection images captured by the drone missions.”

Jasper Mink, GeoZICHT

“The Twinspect cloud platform is an excellent product that allows our clients to collaborate on the documentation and inspection of building facades to complete much faster and accurate reports. Equally excellent is the support provided by the Twinsity team. They have provided some of the most responsive, timely tech support I’ve come across to get us up and running, and the unique capabilities of their solution have allowed us to offer exciting new possibilities to our clients.


Larry Laxdal, PCL Construction

“Twinspect is a hugely powerful cloud platform. It allows our clients to view large and complex inspection data in an efficient and timely manner, significantly decreasing the amount of time they have to spend both on and off-site.”

Rowley Cory-Wright, HexCam

HAZ Beratende Ingeneure
PCL Construction
Durch Drone Company

Let’s build fruitful and lasting partnerships. The Twinsity team is at your disposal.

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