The Future of Digital Inspection

TWINSPECT® is a powerful and intuitive platform for the drone inspection of infrastructure, industrial facilities and buildings. We can proudly claim: We unleash the power of drone inspection data.

What TWINSPECT® does

Manages large amounts of data

Drone inspections generate vast amounts of unstructured inspection data, like thousands of images. Until now there has not been a suitable solution for managing, sharing, and efficiently analyzing this data. With TWINSPECT® we have bridged the gap the digital data inspection process.

TWINSPECT® is the world’s leading inspection cloud platform that enables customers to manage, analyze and share drone inspection data. With powerful inspection tools such as 3D Digital Twins, measurements and issue markups, customers gain qualitatively valuable and precise insights. TWINSPECT® enables the interactive visualization of complex and photorealistic 3D Digital twins using photogrammetry. With TWINSPECT® large amounts of drone inspection images can now be managed and intelligently reviewed and analyzed. Anomalies and defects can be found faster, and high-quality inspections of infrastructure, industrial plants and structures can now be performed quickly and effectively.


Twinspect managt große Datenmengen


TWINSPECT® automatically generates inspection reports based on the user’s damage documentation. These are supplemented with selected inspection images to provide a visual representation of the damaged areas. This saves engineers time and money by eliminating the need to manually review thousands of images.

TWINSPECT® ensures the efficient use of the original recordings offering users a greater access.


Twinspect® is the hub

TWINSPECT® is an integral part of the inspection process and an information hub that brings all stakeholders together. In this way, stakeholders can access the project anywhere at any time and work together in a goal-oriented manner.


Inspection images no longer have to be viewed all manually, but are bundled in such a way that all images of a specific location are pre-filtered and can thus be inspected explicitly. This allows inspection data to be evaluated in a more structured, efficient, secure and detailed manner without missing an issue or tagging it multiple times.

Twinspect® is cloud-based

The data is available anytime, anywhere without hardware restrictions and is securely stored in our safe cloud. TWINSPECT® allows for the “democratization of inspection data“.

Powerful inspection tools

TWINSPECT® offers powerful inspection tools to annotate, analyze, measure and document the damages or issues, directly within the inspection data. Project staff can discuss and share information about the problem areas.



TWINSPECT® is based on intelligent high-end technology for visualizing and providing realistic digital twins without loss of quality. Our customers can interactively navigate through infrastructure and building complexes where they can perform inspections and make even complex structures intuitively usable.


We bring 3D models to life

At first, export the inspection recordings of the drone flight to the photogrammetry software of your choice. This project data is imported into TWINSPECT®. Now you can inspect, analyze, and evaluate the objects virtually and in detail, as well as share it with project partners and edit collaboratively.

We support the following photogrammetry software:
Bentley ContextCapture | CapturingReality RealityCapture | Agisoft Metashape | Pix4D

Digital 3D model

Drone footage

Photogrammetry software

TWINSPECT® – 3D virtual inspection

Digital bridge inspection

Areas of application

Different customer groups and variety of projects

As a central digital platform TWINSPECT® from Twinsity brings together all stakeholders: Drone service providers (DSP), engineers, architects, planners and construction companies, infrastructure operators, public institutions, asset owners and maintenance teams. TWINSPECT® from Twinsity covers all type of inspections:
Building roofs and facades, historical structures, archaeological structures, bridges, supporting structures, ocean and water systems, telecommunications facilities, dams, nuclear power plants and energy systems, modern high-rise buildings, high roofs, and towers, oil & gas and utilities facilities.


Bridge inspection Twinspect
Industrial plants
Buildings digital inspection

Indispensable. Integrated. For all structural inspections.

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