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A Passion for Progress

Twinsity’s mission is to perfect the art of the digital inspection of buildings and infrastructure with the use of 3D Digital Twins. The artificial intelligence of our software platform ensures efficient evaluation and processing of the inspection data, where the smallest damage or changes can be easily identified, marked, and analyzed.

Our product TWINSPECT® is constantly evolving through each inspection. Integrated into the inspection process, TWINSPECT® is an indispensable part of the detection of damaged areas in systems and buildings through its use 3D Digital Twin renderings.

Twinsity’s aim is to make infrastructure, industrial sites, and buildings the world over safer in a reliable, innovative and cost-efficient manner. We are developing special AI solutions tailored to the respective needs of our clients. In this way, we will be able to offer corporate and site-specific solutions in the future.

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Founded in 2019, Twinsity is helping shape the world of tomorrow today.

Our passion for innovation, knowledge of transformative technologies and preserving the traditions and values is what motivated the creation of TWINSPECT® for the global market.

It is what drives us, to never rest and to always improve on the work we’ve already created.


Our Positioning

Twinsity created the innovative and agile software platform TWINSPECT® to unleash the power of drone inspection data. TWINSPECT® offers a digitally scalable and automated solution that can be integrated into every work process for the inspection of systems and buildings. TWINSPECT® is the hub for all stakeholders who can access the project from anywhere at any time and work together in a goal-oriented manner.

Our Responsibility

We make our technologies available so specialists from all over the world can easily integrate their workflow into the digital inspection processes. This innovation helps make infrastructure and buildings more sustainable, cost-efficient and safer.

Our Mission

​Our mission is to empower institutions to simply do more and with better quality. Our strategy is to never be satisfied with what has been achieved but to continue to develop and improve Twinsity’s best-in-class software solutions, support, and services. To unleash the power of inspection data for the early detection of damage to infrastructure and all structures.

Our Values

Twinsity, GmbH is a family business with a strong corporate culture, and well positioned to achieve its goals. The company’s vision, strong performance metrics and an appreciation of all its employees contribute has shaped the company culture. Co-Founders Uwe and Fabien Chalas encourage all Twinsity employees to collaborate and be an integral part of the creative process. They demand the best from their team and reward performance, with a mutual respect for the employees in an optimistic, nurturing work environment.



The Company

Twinsity GmbH is a German company based in Breuna near Kassel. It develops innovative software for the digital inspection of immovable assets such as buildings, industrial plants, and bridges since 2019. The company has set itself the goal of opening the doors of the digital world to everyone and to further explore and push the boundaries of technological possibilities — so that as many users as possible from various of industries can quickly visualize and process huge amounts of data in ultra-realistic 3D models. Twinsity was founded by software architects Uwe and Fabien Chalas, a father and son team, with a legacy of successfully developing drone solutions. In 2010, Uwe Chalas co-founded the drone technology company Aibotix which was acquired by the geospatial giant Leica Geosystems/Hexagon in 2014. By creating a 3D “Digital Twin” of a structure, the inspection process becomes faster and more collaborative. This resulted in the Twinsity graphics engine in 2016, the basis for its latest product TWINSPECT®. Two generations, one passion: driving digital inspection innovation.

Uwe Chalas

Uwe Chalas

Founder and CTIO

Uwe Chalas has more than 35 years professional experience as a software architect. He is a visionary and specializes in the research and development of innovative technological solutions, especially in the areas of computer vision and machine learning.

In 2010 he co-founded German drone company Aibotix that was successfully sold to the global software group Leica Geosystems/Hexagon in 2014.

With his experience and in-depth knowledge of the drone industry, Uwe recognized the need to utilize drone data more accurately and efficiently.

Together with his son, Fabien Chalas, Uwe dove into photogrammetry technology and data processing; bringing together both worlds for the benefit of the inspection industry.
Together they founded Twinsity GmbH in 2019, where he leads the development and optimization of Twinsity’s core technologies.



Fabien Chalas

Fabien Chalas

Founder and CEO

Fabien has more than a decade of experience in the development and conception of software products and is a member of the Fraunhofer Society, the world’s leading applied research organization.

Fabien combines his curiosity for innovative technologies with his ambitious and strategic management of the company. After successfully completing his studies in computer science, he devoted himself to the intensive research and development together with Uwe Chalas on a software solution to revolutionize digital inspections. Since the founding of Twinsity GmbH, he has focused on business development and educating markets about the benefits of digital inspection technology.

Says Fabien, “With Twinspect, Twinsity offers drone service providers in particular a good opportunity to make their inspection data efficiently available to their customers. All other stakeholders receive an intuitive communication and analysis platform for secure damage documentation.”



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